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"We chose Baltic because they provide further development and vendor qualifications to existing staff as well as apprenticeship programmes."

Why did you choose Baltic Training?
We chose Baltic simply because of their extended reach ‘afterapprenticeship’,
this meant that we could use Baltic for further
development and vendor qualifications. We are just in the
process of putting an engineer onto a Cisco CCNA course, often
you don’t have the opportunity to work with ‘one-vendor’ for inhouse
personal development.

What contributions has your apprentice/s
made to your company on a day-to-day basis?
Both our apprentices have been tasked with our refurbished phone
testing and have taken the bull by the horns. Adam has excelled
and moved into our support desk on a part-time basis while still
managing the phone testing area. George is learning from Adam and
increasing his skillset on a daily basis.

Please give example (s) of how your apprentice/s
has benefitted from their apprenticeship?
I believe it has given Adam the confidence and the right frame
of mind to question processes as well as focus on tasks. He
has learnt a lot from the other technical staff and continues to
absorb information. He has made the testing process his own
and shows his commitment by continuing to be enthusiastic to
learn and develop himself.

Would you consider taking on another
apprentice in the future?
Yes, definitely, the experience we have had, and the experience
our apprentices have gained is a key requirement for all businesses.
A lot of technical knowledge can be absorbed in the
classroom, but the ability to apply that knowledge on a daily
basis is key for retention and enabling a personality to shine

How was the contact you have had with your
allocated members of staff at Baltic Training
throughout the apprenticeship?
We have been very fortunate in the team that have been looking
after our account. They have resolved any issues quickly and
efficiently and always accept feedback on items that we think
would work in a slightly different way. For example, the itinerary
for our new apprentice and his vendor qualifications. The order
needed rejigging and they were happy to accommodate.

- October 2016
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