Barnard Atkins – The VAT People are a leading VAT and Customs duty consultants in the UK.Our main focus is working with accountants and we are well known and highly regarded by the profession. Our help line service is widely used by firms all over the UK - it costs nothing to chat through an issue with one of our consultants and accountants find this an extremely valuable service.

Area of Expertise

It is extremely important to include consideration of VAT before any major business transaction. Before your business undertakes any major transaction simply contact us to talk through the potential VAT consequences.

Assessment reviews
We are often called upon when a client is faced with an HMRC Assessment. Such Assessment can involve Penalties or Surcharges and there are a number of ways in which we can help.

General business reviews
Is your business making the most of the VAT system? We offer a VAT Business Review which will cover the issues that are specific to your business.

We are often called upon when a client is faced with an HMRC investigation for VAT fraud. This can even involve potential criminal procedures and is a time when the most expert assistance must be called upon.

Transactional advice
You may well find that you need help with your day-to-day transactions. It is worth ensuring that your clients are maximising their VAT position and meeting their compliance obligations in the everyday course of their business transaction.

Customs queries
In relation to businesses which import, there are a number of areas of where we can help.

We also work with the following sectors: Land and property, charities, international VAT, not for profit, general VAT queries, import/export

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