Our on-going mission is to improve the value of IT services to our customers through customer feedback and by developing our systems of work and the skills of our staff and adding value by providing advice to customers where technology can be cost effectively used to improve their business.Trust is essential in the provision of IT support services since work on customer business critical systems is being undertaken. A core principle of NP Projects is the development of this trust and fulfilling our customers support needs.With no tie in contract periods, or up front annual payments we are a minimum risk customer IT support service. Our customers stay with us because we do a good job and offer value for money, not because they are tied to us in a contract. Check out our testimonials or talk to our customers.


Remote IT support
Remote IT support includes remote software fixes and remote diagnostics on PC’s, servers and data networks. On-site visits are charged additionally for time on-site (no travel costs).

Remote IT support is ideal for businesses needing a minimal cost IT support solution.

Remote & on-site IT
Remote & on-site IT includes unlimited software and hardware fixes carried out remotely or on-site. Remote and onsite IT support includes all labour charges and travel costs for all on-site support visits.

Remote & on-site IT support is ideal for businesses needing a fixed cost IT support solution.

Small Business IT Support

Small business IT systems typically include stand alone PC’s, networked PC’s or server networks. Most small businesses do not have IT staff and so struggle to resolve IT problems, relying on IT service providers to deliver the IT support services need.

Small business IT support solutions

Many IT support providers require customers to enter into a 12 month contract period or even longer and can even request an annual payment up-front. NP Projects do not require customers sign a 12 months contract or to provide payment up-front. You can pay one month at a time. For small business IT support this is a minimum customer risk solution. Our customers stay with us because we provide a good service, value for money and not because they can’t leave. Business IT support options are available as remote support or remote & on-site support services, both services provide IT hardware and software fixes. If you have business critical IT systems, but not the IT staff to support them, contact us.

Computer Software Fixes

NP Projects can connect remotely to quickly fix software problems, or visit site to carry out desktop and laptop computer software repairs and fixes. Computer software repairs include:

Computer reformatting
Removal of virus and software infections
Hard-drive full
Software upgrades

Computer will not boot-up
Computer running slow
Software driver faulty
Recovery of files or data

Computer hardware repairs

NP Projects provides all types of hardware repairs for desktop and laptop computers. Computer hardware repairs include:

Laptop screen failures
DVD and CD drive failure Ram failure
Hard-drive failures
CPU fault or failure
Keyboard faults
Computer running slow
Cooling fan failures
Laptop overheating

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