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Specialists in creative sound branding strategies, music & sound design content to enhance interactive, immersive & experiential brands, creative media & games.

At Deft Ear we ‘hear’ sound branding as the strategic implementation of sound and music across all of a brands communications, marketing, branding activities and customer touch points.

Original, bespoke sound and music content thoughtfully implemented in the right places can reinforce 360-brand identity and enhance your brand in a number of ways.

We believe that a brands approach to consistency of sound and musical content should be reflected in the same way a brand approaches other areas of its overall 360-brand identity.

A robust sound branding strategy can provide a creative and innovative sonic and musical identity that can enhance your brand, increasing awareness, aiding memory recall, reinforcing marketing campaigns and enhancing engagement.

Deft Ear provide bespoke client fit sound branding strategies that will enhance your existing brand identity, increasing customer perception and engagement with your marketing content, material, products and campaigns.

Contact us to discuss how Deft Ear can enhance your brand with a unique sound identity.

You can also contact us via Twitter. @DeftEar

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