1 to 1 Executive Coaching for Leaders and aspiring Leaders of the 21st Century. Offering his own brand of executive coaching Chris Whiteley, founder of CPW Executive Coaching, believes that Diversity and Creativity are key to the thinking of 21st Century Leaders, or those who are or want to become 21st Century Leaders.
The business offers a wide range of coaching to those at the top of their game and those just starting out. The next year will see more successful ventures as they open up their services to more corporate businesses, SME's, individuals and teams. The ultimate ambition for the business is to set up The Life Leadership and Creativity Academy for the entry level talent that will nurture the next generation of leaders. The Academy will be different in that it will be focusing on Diversity, Creativity as well as traditional leadership skills needed to be the 21st Century Leader.
Chris is a very intuitive, charismatic Executive Coach, whose career has been a varied and enlightening experience working on all rungs of the corporate ladder.

Outside of that he has worked in the family business before finally fulfilling his goal of bringing his own brand of Executive Coaching to the business community with the aim of assisting the 21st Century Leader.

Chris has a natural empathy combined with a pragmatic dose of reality that will give anyone food for thought!!!

As a Finance Director in Siemens plc, he experienced, over 21 years, an extraordinary breadth of activity and in that some career/life changing moments. The most significant of this came through being coached himself. His passion for people has always been at the heart of his success and his leadership style returned exceptional performance in various business circumstances.

After fulfilling a goal he set whilst being coached Chris set up his own business as an executive coach which now offers that quantum leap possibility for anyone ready and willing to invest in themselves or their business. Along with extensive success in frontline business, running a Finance and Commercial group Chris always found the leading edge business methods and combined them with highly focused development of the individual to create team success. Coaching and Mentoring remain the proven backbone of his skills and this is now available to all who wish to tap in and use for their own benefits.

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