From JR. I have known Kevin, Angela and John (partners and Key staff) and they are highly professional and approachable.

I have chose them over many advisers due to their service and how they make you feel when you deal with them face to face, by zoom or over the phone. My husband is also very pleased with the performance of his Retirement account and the way they dealt with our combined pensions is excellent.

We would highly recommend Wood & Associates Wealth Management for any inheritance tax, investments that require an overall review and in particular, their pension and cashflow forecast service as it's far superior to what other advisers/planners deal with out there.

Also, with the practice being part of the SJP Group we feel it provides us with even more security and an added service.

Well done Kevin, Angela and the team - excellent reviews of our savings and retirement policies plus your 'outstanding' administration service.
JR North West

- May 2021 View
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I have many testimonials and the practice does in general. There are too many to mention but having been a highly successful wealth adviser for over 30 years I would like to think this would speak for itself as I/our team aim to provide a high level of service to our clients and receive many referrals so we hope we are doing something worthwhile which is also valued by our clients.

- May 2021 View
This testimonial is unverified.

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