Goldsbrough Consulting Limited's Testimonial

We’ve made more money in the past three years, since working with you, than we did in the previous fifteen.
– David Hammond

If you are looking for someone who will give you a new perspective on your business and whose recommendations will always be thoughtful and practical; whose approach is thorough and professional, who will make a real difference to your bottom line, then I recommend that you speak to Matthew Goldsbrough.
– Ian Guiver

The work he did for me at Kalido was a significant factor in shaping our future direction.
– Bill Hewitt

Put simply – our company increased its profits with Matthew on board.
– Helen Varey

I find his counsel to be a great asset to my company.
– Paul Brownhill

After the sessions with Matthew, we now have a very clear perspective of where we are, what we do well and where we can improve.
– Ian Cook

There has been a quantitative and qualitative improvement in our sales pipeline.
– Mike Bonaventura

His ability to shift paradigms and get to the root of challenges is surpassed only by his instinctive and polished ability to articulate strategic and business development plans.
– Neil Greenhalgh

He is an excellent advisor who can cut through detailed and complex problems to the core issues, with surgical precision.
– Peter Needle

Matthew’s advice has had a significant effect on the profitability of the business, and he has communicated difficult concepts with stunning simplicity.
– Howard Scott

Matthew’s strategic thinking and analytical approach helped us lay down the necessary foundations required to build a successful company.
– Lianne Pemberton

By using a systematic and logical process, Matthew helped us develop a well thought out and coherent sales and marketing strategy allied with the company’s objectives.
– Peter Hammond

The consultancy work you did with us had the most lasting impact of all such input we have had over the years.
– Steve Bottrill

Matthew provided an objective and professional assessment of our strategy, which helped to highlight our strengths and to focus on the areas that could achieve the best return.
– Kathryn Howarth

Matthew has a lot of knowledge and a wealth of experience, but what’s even more important is that he’s approachable, personable and entirely genuine.
– Kathy Ford

Matthew is one of those rare people who get both the big picture and the details.
– Paul Curitz

Matthew Goldsbrough has an objective eye, based on hands-on experience. He knows what has worked, and what will not. His recommendations are actionable and trusted.
– Bill Hewitt

In short, he is a class act! He has experience, empathy, insight, understanding of complex issues, the ability to analyse, and – as is so often necessary – wit.
– John Davison

The combination of tenacity, analytical expertise and personal integrity found in Matthew is truly unique.
– Helen Varey

I have not worked with anyone whom I hold in greater esteem.
– Paul Curitz

Matthew has the ability to distill a clear and concise marketing message from highly complex technical products.
– Gary Gates

The detailed study he made of my business model, along with its shortfalls, prompted me to take the action which helped take my business to a new level.
– Howard Scott

He is inspirational to have around, which is a huge help to management and staff alike.
– Norman Quick

Clear, practical and pragmatic help that delivers results.
– Jed Hassid

He is a clear and insightful thinker and was a great pleasure to work with.
– Gary Gates

Beneath Matthew’s calm, thoughtful exterior is an inspirational strategist, equally at home in board rooms and in marketing teams.
– Penny Lines

He has a very professional but relaxed and approachable style.
– Jim Yates

A thoroughly nice man to do business with.
– Ian Guiver

Matthew’s easy and professional manner made the process pain free, which lead to a well thought out strategy with achievable time scales.
– Peter Hammond

Matthew possesses deep knowledge of European market dynamics, as well as exceptionally strong consultative and people skills.
– Zuhair Suidan

His experience, knowledge and insightful views will help any business with a passion to grow.
– Julie Finch

I can highly recommend Matthew as a strategic thinker who has the experience to connect strategy to execution. His insight into what buyers want makes him stand out from the crowd.
– Bill Hewitt

If anyone is looking for a highly experienced and exceptional marketing partner – look no further!
– Peter Needle

Matthew has an excellent reputation within the local business community for being an expert in his field.
– Lyndsey Meredith

Matthew demonstrates a rare combination of skills – an excellent grasp of technology married to an understanding of how this impacts business performance.
– Ian Charlesworth

He has the skills to probe the forecasted outcomes with a critical eye and offer practical solutions to any weakness in the marketing plan.
– Peter Motley

- August 2017
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