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In today’s current pace of life, stress is inevitable and something we are exposed to on a daily basis. Between work-related pressures and personal responsibilities, stress manifests itself in different ways. With a full-on lifestyle, we often suffer from a variety of health conditions that are fleeting or long-term. Whether it’s anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, migraines, musculoskeletal pain, or joint aches – everyone has a different reaction. But what it’s important to realise is that you don’t have to endure this; you can take steps to prevent and deal with your issues.

At Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies, I’m a consultant & Integrative therapist. We are enablers of health and wellbeing – a powerful, inclusive integration of integrative therapies business know-how, design, knowledge, and communication. We work with our clients to deliver value in a way that others cannot through our seamless offerings.


  • Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies & Consultancy

    1 - 5 Employees 2017 - Current
     Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies & Consultancy

    I’ve developed a unique ability to combine life coaching modalities, hypnosis, holistic therapy and intuition to deliver and achieve fast results in a shorter period of time, this approach has yielded a very high success rate with lasting results.

Education History

  • Diploma in Management Studies

    London Metropolitan University
    2000 - 2003


  • Diploma in Professional Coaching                 
  • Reiki Master
  • Accredited Manager
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Certificate in Coaching
  • Primary Certificate in Stress Management
  • Registered Practitioner Holistic Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Tui Na Practitioner

Clubs and Associations

  • Independent Professional Therapists International                         
  • The Reiki And Seichem Association                                              
  • National Association of Hypnotherapy                                           
  • General Hypnotherapy Register’s Central Register   
  • Unlimited Wellbeing Verified Professional                        

Interests and Hobbies

Health & Wellbeing

Complimentary & Alternative Therapy

Holistic Therapies

Chinese Anatomy & Physiology 






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