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For nearly 30 yrs I ran a cable insulated management solutions business but the spark went out in 2017 and terminated it. Since then, search engine ranking has always been something of interest to myself, and after doing my own in-house R&D devised a truly remarkable search engine optimisation strategy to rank extremely well on page one on Google where most businesses only dream of getting there. SEO these days is becoming harder by the week to justify ranking, here it is easier, hard work is for others. The saying is, it takes anywhere from 4-12 months and more to see any movement. Times have changed. I have seen huge movement from within a couple of hours to 100 days. Nowadays, we have to apply and resolve Google with their Page-speed insights and currently a new type of Pagespeed for mobile-first optimization. Resolve Pagespeed by hitting the high echelons (high 90%) of the green zone will enhance your ranking on Google. I know some clever optimisational skills to overcome your Pagespeed poor score and start hitting the green zone the high nineties. Making. SEO. Easier. For. All. Well. Almost.


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