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Ex Military with a passion for delivering excellence.


After leaviung the forces I spent many years working as a slaes manager and constantly found myself frustrated by not being able to find/attract the best talent, and sometimes hiring people that looked great on CV, said all the right things, but just didn't fit with the company values or the office dynamics.


I left to start work in recruitment where I worked as a sales manager for one of the biggest and most succesful job boards in Europe, but there was still something missing from the market.  There wasn't a dedictaed recruitment company who worked as hard for the client as the candidate, that wanterd to fit the right person in the right role at the right company at the first time of asking without charging the earth.


That was when Invisible Gorilla was born.  I've used my passion, dedication, discipline andprevious experiences to make sure I'm working as hard for the candidate as I am the client, I have no hidden agenda.  Pay the candidate £100,000 p/a or £10,000 p/a.  It makes no difference to me.  I just want to ensure both parties are happy with the outcome and have a long lasting working relationship.


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