A successful creative soul, Fashion designer, Educational Arts' Consultant, writer and musician!


Adnan Bayyat in business terms is a muti-faceted enterprise. Established in 2009, it has grown to be a highly commended driving force at the heart of many pioneering PR campaigns and collaborations with the world's leading brands, including, Lady Gaga - Madame Tussauds, The BBC, Virgin Trains, Sainsburys and Cancer Research to mention but a few for whom I've conjured concepts and creations cut from a 'Greener' cloth.

The consultancy aspect of the company serves the educational sector by means of incorporating the arts into the national curriculum. This service has been recognised and praised by ofsted on many occasions and has played a vital role in securing prestigious awards such as The ART's Mark.

Finally the fashion element of the business has seen the launch of my latest collection at Manchester Fashion Week 2014. A spectacular finale of 12 birds of Paradise.


  • Adnan Bayyat

    Creative Director
    - Current

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Interests and Hobbies

Currently studying an MA in Fashion innovation and entrepreneurship.

An erstwhile classical musician, I still thoroughly enjoy playing the piano and composing works for various ensembles.

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