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Summary: Can you honestly say that your business has the right telecoms solutions, from the right suppliers and at the right price? Most businesses don't…

  • Testimonials (1)

Summary: At ERA, we improve a Company\\\'s profitability through reducing their non strategic costs in areas such as, Energy, Telecoms, Stationery, Print,…

  • Postings (6)

Summary: Auditel Franchise Business Owner. Straight talker. Deliverer of results. I do what it says on the tin, try me. Contact me, meet me, bring and…

  • Postings (5)

Summary: ceo/managing director of Mavericks Planning Engineering Services Limited. Project Planning Services professional and a Member of the Association of…

  • Postings (3)

Summary: We offer a full management service to businesses one or more sites. Overseeing all aspects of utility accounts, ensuring the contract is with the…

  • Postings (17)

Summary: Energy based consultancy and installation service with a passion for cost reduction through sustainable technologies, serving the: domestic,…

  • Postings (3)

Summary: A successful sales professional and business owner with over 19 years experience in business development, acquiring and managing key accounts. Mainly…

  • Postings (5)

Summary: Procurement Specialist - reducing Business costs: Tel. or Mobile - E-mail: I am currently an Associate for Expense Reduction Analysts who were…

Summary: Due to the growing demand from businesses looking to keep their websites optimised and visually appealing we have expanded our offices and recruited…

Summary: I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Alard Electrical Ltd and TEGG ® Services to you. Here at Alard Electrical Ltd., we provide ENERGISED…

Summary: An experienced and versatile General Business Manager and Procurement Specialist with a proven track record of success within a variety of highly…

  • Postings (1)

Summary: Marketing an excellent consultancy business which helps other businesses to manage energy costs and energy consumption.Expertise B2B Marketing,…

Summary: Reducing the costs of Merchant Card Payment processing fees. Specialising in negotiating the best rates for your business. Leave us to reduce costs…

Summary: We save your business time and money by reviewing cost saving areas such as utilities, insurance and telephones. We take care of all aspects of…

Summary: VISSAP Ltd is a performance improvement company specialising in supporting business transformation and change management programmes, performance and…

Summary: MG locksmith Company offer all services for commercial & domestic premises. Services include:- • Non-destructive door entry • Lock picking • Lock…

  • Postings (1)

Summary: We are in Partnership with Xerox UK, Konica Minolta and Toshiba UK and offer the very best range of office printing systems on the market.…

Phil Thomas macintyre - Director Cost Reduction Consultant

Summary: Phil has over 25 years experince at a senior level across a varierty of industries including, commercial and public services. Having retiired in 2005…

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