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  • Buying your business quickly for the (realistic) price you want - Primary focus on buying businesses to allow owners an exit route for their best advantage.
  • Not a broker (definitely). No commission fees. 
  • Investor in SME Turnaround and Exit Strategy: manufacturing, particularly electro-mechanics, and equipment installtion companies, from Catering Equipment to HVAC and Fire Detection companies - t/o £500K to £10M.
  • Specialist trained and extensively experienced in world-class leading, text book manufacturing companies. 
  • The bigger a company a consultant has worked for or been a Director of, the less useful he/she is to SMEs. The least effective and dead-money of which are Non-executive Directors. Corporations and SMEs are completely different worlds. If you are an SME, you need an Street-wise, SME specialist.
  • I do not ask to borrow your watch to tell you the time - I know the time in SME Operation.

Thank you for reading my profile.

I buy, invest in and/or fix manufacturing and industrial services businesses.

I have come across many fine business owners who set maintaining the employment of the personnel who helped make the business viable to sell, as a high priority. Such honourable businesses are those I seek out to buy and take forward.

A university, engineering-graduate, specialist-trained in the full spectrum of manufacturing efficiency and financial engineering by a far-sighted company: armed with my newly acquired MBA, I conducted an MBO in 1998. A satellite, electronics design and manufacture company, £6M turnover, 100 personnel, owned by a subsidiary of the global leader in textile machinery. The MBO included 2 other satellite companies of the subsidiary to form a £12M, 230 personnel, one-stop-shop, of electronics manufacture, sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining, over 3 sites. None of the MBA syllabus or university-taught-M&A techniques could be applied.

Before the MBO, £1,000/day consultants had come and gone and left not so much as a footprint. I have seen it numerous times.

This experience led me to assisting SMEs, £500K to £10M, in the sectors of

rail (trains not Network) remote monitoring, automotive, aerospace, medical factory, automation and robotics - (from hand held monitors to 15 tonnes x-ray equipment)

to restructure their approach to electro-mechanics product development, manufacturing, procurement and logistics processes (achieving very significant cost reductions.)

but particularly in financial engineering strategies to fix cash-flow and debt problems, leading to increased revenue and profits.

That background led to today which sees me investing in, taking a repairing stake in or buying companies to assist business owners to retire and exit from their businesses to their comfort and tax advantage - always with the effort to save or increase jobs and remuneration.

If you seek to retire, are struggling with cash flow and/or debt, regard your business and personal guarantee as distressed and under threat of survival, or simply wish/need to depart from a profitable business in the most tax efficient way but have not found a buyer through the unnecessarily expensive (and often dead-end) process of sales brokers – please do discuss with me, as your options may well exceed what most brokers advise as limited.

My greatest strength is in the manufacturing sector (electrical, electronics and metal), often, wrongly, described as capital intensive, but my work often brings me into contact with other sectors. For those approaches which are not my specialist field, I am able to refer them to a large network of investors – so, please do contact me.

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