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Naina is fiercely committed to guide professionals who are successful, yet dissatisfied, to clarify their life meaning and life direction so that they can have the life, business or career that they feel passionate about and that is meaningful to them.

Naina’s path became clear to her as she struggled with the same challenges during her corporate career as majority of her clients now do. With nearly 20 years of experience in the investment banking industry, having worked as a lawyer for the top law firms and investment banks in the world and having experienced a high level of success and enticing opportunities during this period, she felt empty. She therefore embarked on a journey to figure out her life’s purpose and life meaning. After trying out numerous life purpose courses, executive coaching, spiritual practices and experiences, she had her breakthrough.

Naina finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together, everything she had learnt and experienced to come up with 5 key steps to uncovering your life purpose and life meaning. She realised that her own long arduous journey was indeed due to her own soul calling. Her life purpose is to be a way seer, a guide, to those who seek to know their life purpose, align to it and monetise it appropriately. This is what Naina has achieved herself and has been called to help others achieve the same. Her vast knowledge and experience in this subject matter makes her an expert in her own right. She is the author of the book “The Clear Path To Your Life Purpose”.

What lights Naina up about this work is her knowing that everyone has a soul blueprint within them that reveals your life purpose, your exact soul mission on earth, the reason you were born and when you align with this blueprint you become unstoppable in your ability to achieve success, fulfillment and happiness in every area of your life.

What sets Naina apart from other mentors and coaches in this field is her uncanny ability to intuitively pinpoint her client’s exact problem and structure a solution, a plan of action, straightaway. This cuts through a lot of time spent by a lot of the mentors and coaches in getting to know clients and working out their blind spots and issues. Naina always had these intuitive abilities and gifts. She used them in her corporate career unaware at the time. Typically her clients when they come to her, lack clarity on what direction to take, and are unaware of their exact blocks and issues due to their blind spots.

Her clients say remarkable things about the impact her work has on their life and career or business success. Example comments include:

  • I got much more than I thought I would, and now I have a clear direction, totally unique to me, that I am finally excited about!
  • She elegantly grasped complex issues and delivered solutions in a simple and effective manner which were in alignment with my life purpose and gave me hope, meaning, heartfelt joy and satisfaction.
  • I have felt a sense of real purpose growing through and now following the sessions fuelled by Naina’s insightful, inspirindvice and encouragement.

Similar benefits await when you decide to work with her as she serves in powerful ways that can support your success. You can feel confident in engaging her to guide you to clarify and align with your life’s purpose so that you can live a happy fulfilled life of meaning.

Go to for a free download of an extract of her book “The Clear Path To Your Life Purpose“. 

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