GGTC were formed in 2006, although partners involved in the business have been associated with R&D Tax Credit claims since 2001. Whilst GGTC have partnerships with accountants they are not an accountancy firm and therefore the relationship with your accountant will remain as before. However, we can find an accountant with experience of R&D Tax Credit claims for clients if required.

To date GGTC have processed over £10m of R&D Tax Credit claims for approaching 300 clients making us the leading handler of claims on behalf of small and medium sized businesses. During this time we have developed an in depth knowledge of the R&D Tax Credit scheme and are able to define claim opportunities quickly and maximise claim potential.

GGTC have the resources and technical expertise to offer a full service to businesses that represents real value particularly to SME's who couldn't afford the fees of the large accountancy firms. Importantly, GGTC have formed a good working relationship with HMRC and understand their processes and qualifying requirements on what is a complex area of taxation.

This ensures that all R&D Tax Credit claims submitted will stand up to the robust scrutiny that can be expected by HMRC, thus ensuring compliance and avoiding unnecessary penalties and potential fines. Additionally, GGTC will deal strongly with any challenges, queries or inquiries made by HMRC on behalf of clients. We will conduct the initial R&D Tax Credit Claim opportunity free of charge and then operate entirely on "no claim recovered -no fee" basis -except for a small set up fee.From April this year the small companies R&D tax credit will rise to 200% this year and to 225% next year.

Unlock a £80,000* Government cash injection to your business

Are you missing out on £80,000* in cash?

If your company has invested in developing innovative products or new manufacturing processes, or software and IT you could unlock a £80,000 * Government cash injection;

The following facts may be of interest to you:

"More than 95% of the companies we meet with are eligible to take advantage of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit scheme.
Over 8,500 companies have already benefited during last tax year.
£950m has already been given back to businesses such as yours and other UK companies during 2008-9, over £4.5bn since 2000.
The average Tax Credit claim for small & medium sized businesses (SME’s) is £80,000*, and £300,000 for large companies.
"Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are the biggest single funding mechanism provided by Government for investment in business R&D", Department of Business Innovation & Skills (BI&S)
HM Revenue & Customs stated average time to cash from filing your claim is 42 days

Area of Expertise

Research and development Tax credit consultancy.

With national reach and a large bank of technical analysts from varied sectors, we are structured in a way that ensures we can compile and maximise claims to full effect. We are also free from audit and remain independent and actively encourage relationships with company accountants to work in a more collaborative way going forward.


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