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Do you need Commercial Finance? No company or project is too big or too small. We can help all businesses.
Hand picked dynamic and expert partners. White label agreements mean some services and products exclusive to us. Bespoke and unique solutions just for you. Every project is viewed on a case by case basis.
Even if you have been refused finance or having problems obtaining funds from your normal routes we might be able to help. Let us have a look at your project with fresh eyes.

If you are in the middle of a finance contract we can look to see if there is a better option.
Commercial mortgages. Asset finance, Bridging loans, Consolidation finance, start up loans, Invoice finance, Property funding, Property development, Cash flow solutions, Buy to let funding, Pension led funding, Finance packages, Vehicle finance / leasing, Equipment loans, Refurbishment loans. We can also help with Angel Investments and Seed Capital.


Debt Recovery
Do you have any debts over £500 pre legal in your Ltd company. We can help. No hidden fees or admin costs. If we do not get your money back you pay nothing.


Energy Recovery including Commercial Solar PV & EV points
We have an expert partner in Energy Recovery. This includes commercial solar PV, LED lights, SMART Tech and EV points. Experts on current grants and incentive. Great ROI from day 1. Initial energy saving report at NO COST. Carbon Trust Accredited Company. Renewable energy is the future. We can provide the finance for your green energy. Why pay for it when you can make it yourself?
We can reduce all business costs.
Contact BGSE to see how we can help your business or project. We offer a 5 * Business Concierge Service.

Tax Relief Uncovered
If you or your customers have a LTD Company and have been trading for more than a year you could be able to claim Capital Allowance or have an R & D claim. In the past 12 years our expert partner has supported over 14,000 customers and claimed back over £264 million pounds. They have experts that only concentrate on maximising your claims for your company. They are not accountants or have any other role. They are the most experienced, most up to date with current rules and regulations and most professional experts to claim your Capital Allowances or R & D Tax back. They can help you uncover the hidden values in your business or commercial property.
Capital Allowances / Research & development Tax Relief (very unused tool to claim money back. If you have made ANY improvements or changes to your business in the last 2 years you should ask our experts to see how much you could claim back) / Patent / Intellectual Property / Remediation of contaminated land. Please ask for more details if you feel you or your customers might have a claim.


Cutting All Business Costs

We can help with every business cost you have. The list is long but not exhaustive. The best way is you tell us what you need help with and we find the right expert to match your needs.

One of the largest costs is energy. We can fix energy costs at today's prices for 6 years if required (you choose the length of contract). How amazing for your business if you knew your energy bills / cost were fixed for the next 6 years. This should be great for your financial planning, goals and business plans. Even if you are in a contract now we can fix the price today for when your contract finishes.

Water can be treated like energy and we can find a great price and fix a term.

We can help with every type of insurance for your business. We might even know some insurance products you never realised were available or that you needed them.

Other areas we can help:- Business Telecommunication, Fire Protection, Security, Business Waste, IT services, office equipment, HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. We have service contracts to ensure all your equipment is running efficiently and cuts down the risk of breakdowns.

There could be things not on this list but just ask and we will find an expert.

We are your one stop shop for all these solutions. No need for you to try and investigate every company, sector and expense. Let us connect you to dynamic and innovative companies ready to help you achieve you or your customers needs and goals

5* Business Concierge Service
If you or your customer needs something for their business we can find a solution. Tell us what problem you or your customer has or what you or your customer needs and we might have the perfect answer from our hand picked panel of expert companies.

Thank you for considering using BGSE and our services.

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