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If you are in the 9% don't relax!

It's great to be one of the 9% of people who look forward to Monday mornings, but don't get too comfortable.  Don't let…
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring

Success combines determination with proactivity!

When I came across Orison Swett Marden’s quote, “A will finds a way,” it sent me hunting in my archives because it…
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Procrastination

The art of procrastination - how not to get interviews.

Somewhere in London, Edward is thinking, “I’ll just have a cup of coffee then I must sit down and apply for that job I…
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring

Dealing with career setbacks.

It's not easy to deal with career setbacks, or indeed any kind of setback, but here are four little tips that will help…
Career Advice, Interview Skills

Match your achievements to your transferable skills.

  Creativity is one of your most valuable transferable skills. At the professional level, most companies are interested…
Failure, Career Advice, Career Coaching

Everyone gets it wrong sometimes!

Don't let your failures, your mistakes and the things you get wrong dictate your future. Here are a few quotes I found…
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Guidance

Career Future Proofing - the why and the how.

We’ve all heard the expressions, ‘dig your well before the next drought: build your ark before the next flood.’  When…
Career Advice, Career Guidance, Career Mentoring

What is the next step in my career?

Do you occasionally ask yourself this question and then get stuck for ideas? If so, then maybe for added motivation you…
Persistence, Career Advice, Career Drivers

What are your career drivers?

There are nine major career drivers and unless your top three are satisfied by your working environment you won’t find…
Career Advice, Self Discipline, Career Mentoring

Tasks: easy then hard or hard then easy?

Great satisfaction is gained from completing an action and putting a tick next to it on a list. Unfortunately (and…
Integrity, Career Advice, Career Management

What your achievements say about you.

If you run your life with a set of strong moral principles it won’t occur to you to exaggerate your achievements either…
Persistence, Career Advice, Career Objectives

How to advance your career.

Finding the right next step in your career requires four concepts in combination and then, once they are in place, all…

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