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Education & Training Foundati

Everything goes online

Online learning has been on the rise in for the past decades. Everything is being digitised nowadays. E-learning has…
Training and Development

The New Way to Lead

Leadership – the new way to lead yourself This is the time when we need leadership and a time for leaders. Our world,…
Law, Arbitration, Culture & Engagement

Arbitration- Framing the Unframed

ARBITRATION : Framing the UnframedThe fundamental idea of arbitration is that of a binding solution of disputes…
Law, Arbitration

Arbitration Culture

We are presumably living in global world or village , but does our culture be global. Rest a lot for our so called…
Leadership, Leadership 360 Feedback

lead,leader, Leadership

Leader, Leadership or the Real Leader Nowadays, Prediction is very difficult for the future. The world would be very…

Arbitration at the forefront

ARBITRATION- The rejuvenation of  the Life of LawOur world is getting smaller, our disputes are becoming larger and yet…
Global mindset, leadership,

Leadership and coaching

Dr Jayshan Keejoo is trained by Harvard Kennedy School, USA, in the field of Global change and Leadership and is an…
Employment & HR

Leadership- the way forward

Leadership – the new way to lead yourselfThis is the time when we need leadership and a time for leaders. Our world,…
Coaching, emotion, leadership

Emotion and leadership

Control is a key area for personal , team or organizational development. If a person with a high degree of control , he…
Coaching, mentoring, leadershi

Coaching - A Must

Coaching has been proven to be an effective tool whether on a personal or professional development that produces…

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