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A Sharper Edge to Networking

According to a New York Times survey, the greatest fear for people was walking into a room full of strangers! This…
Marketing & PR

How do you know if you have a good Accountant?

"How do you know if you have a good accountant?" That was the question posed to me by a business colleague some…
Marketing & PR

What is Internet Marketing?

I blogged a few weeks ago about how Internet Marketing was like building a house. The analogy is quite simple as house…
Marketing & PR

The importance of good photographs

Most people will agree that first impressions do count. This is especially true in the case of websites/profiles,…
Marketing & PR

Great Press Photography Can Make A Difference

Do you remember that advert from a few years ago that ran the slogan "You never get a second chance to make a first…
Marketing & PR

Does Social Media Work?

There is tremendous momentum within the social media marketing sector at the present time. It's been growing…
Marketing & PR

email v direct mail

Direct mail may just have the edge still as the most dominant form of direct marketing, but right now the biggest rival…
Marketing & PR

Email marketing marks the end of the cold call

Ever worked in sales? Ever had to make 50 calls a day trying to convince receptionists to put you through to decision…
Marketing & PR

How To Exponentially Grow Your Business...Even In a...

There are only THREE ways to grow your business Get more high quality leads Convert more of those leads into paying…
Marketing & PR

Marketing in a recession

It's difficult isn't it to justify 'Marketing' when cost-cutting seems to be the order of the day. Marketing though is…
Marketing & PR

Online search campaigns

Search engine campaigns need to be given further thought as featuring on Google et al is not the complete solution to…
Marketing & PR

Free Internet Marketing Seminar

I-COM International Ltd, a Google Adwords Qualified Company is presenting a Free 1/2 Day Internet Marketing Seminar for…

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