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How To Analyse The Performance Of Your Social Media...

Throughout my blog I have frequently discussed the importance of using social media marketing in the right way, using…
Marketing & PR

Google Fresh Update Further Shows the Need for an...

After the completion of Google Caffeine, the new update known as Google Fresh aims to bring a more relevant and up to…
Marketing & PR

What’s The Point Of SEO Anyway?

So you’ve invested hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds pushing your SEO campaign hard, and after weeks or months of…
Marketing & PR

How Social Is Your Social Media Marketing?

Are you one of those people who still thinks that social media marketing is all about having a Facebook page and…
Marketing & PR

SEO Video Marketing - A Quick Guide

You've tried article marketing, blog marketing and almost every social media marketing opportunity out there, but…
Marketing & PR

What Photojournalists love to hear.

To give you an insight into the world of the photojournalist, I would like to share with you these thoughts from the…
Marketing & PR

What Exactly is Social Media?

The term Social Media is the means by which people can interact socially The term Social Media refers to the use of…
Marketing & PR

Why PR is worth the money

There are certain questions that really bug businesses. How do we land that big contract? How do we get in touch with…
Marketing & PR

If your communication sucks it could be your fault!

When I worked in brand management for Unilever, many years ago, I learnt the importance of a great advertising brief. I…
Marketing & PR

Smart Phones @ the Ready??

Mobile Optimisation Now you may have heard of this before but despite the number of people accessing websites from…
Marketing & PR

Ever Done This at a Party?

Last Saturday I went to a great party! Apart from the fact that I had lots of fun and drank quite a few glasses of…

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