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10 Tips For Generating Better Leads

Whether you’re in marketing or sales, better quality leads will help your business grow faster. It’s just a case of…
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8 Key Strategies to Successfully Launch a New Business

8 key strategies to successfully launch a new businessby Kieran Perry1. Start early communicating with both media…
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All Author Interveiew

All Author InterviewWhere have you spent most of your childhood? Which is your fondest childhood memory?    As a child,…
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How Much Does a Bad Website Cost You Every Month?

A part of our job here, at LMNts Marketing is t fix what is wrong with clients' sales funnels. Unfortunately, many…
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Why Is It Important to find Your Ideal clients?

I was just havinig a chat with an old business network connection and we were talking about LinkedI and people tire…
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Are You Chasing after the EASY Button of Marketing?

I have seen it all. People too desperate to think through the offers, and jumping on empty promises. In fact, most of…
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Another great reveiw

 Following is an official review of "Arcadia's Children 2: The Fyfield Plantation" by Andrew R…
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Are You Focusing On the Wrong Social Media Numbers?

When I sit down with small and medium sized business owners, they often tell me that they want more followers. This is…
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The Monday Blues!!

So the so called Monday blues of the work week are now over,its Tuesday and people are refocused on their week ahead.…
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Blogging For Business

Writing a blog can work wonders for your business.Giving people an insight into you and what you do can impress people…
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Why should you use Direct Marketing?

Direct response marketing is a marketing tool which demands a direct response from your potential customers. This type…
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If someone buys from you do you offer them more?

We've all seen examples of this, every time you're in McDonald's you're asked if you want the meal large and a lot of…

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