The Ballad of Social Media - By A.Curmudgeon

The Ballad of Social Media - By A.Curmudgeon

Across the digital landscape vast, we wave and post and friends amass
And strive to form a network strong that rapidly grows the entire day long
We blog and banter, comment and post, to reach the pinnacle by being read most
Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, we analyse these to see which is better
YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google, engaging with all would damage your noodle
They suck the time from a life that is short, and ofttimes the cash from our pocket extort

But the problem remains, and a curmudgeon am I, for wading through guff just makes me cry
I sift and I sort, in the hope I will find; just someone else with the same thoughts in mind
That they don’t want to know the emotional stuff, cus to an ageing curmudgeon that simply is guff
No picture of dogs, no amusing felines, no tales of lunch or your favourite red wine
No irrelevant comments on posts would be good, placed there by morons with heads made of wood
No latest ideas that are anything but, just some ancient theory all shined and buffed up

Information it seems is a maelstrom of crap, like rafting a digital river of tat
Is it just me or when all’s said and done, you’re simply repeating the same on each one?
Trying to make sense of the need for it all, when just doing business is your one single goal
That common refrain of knowledge is power, soon starts to fade in the digital shower
So where does that leave us as we strive for success, has knowing more really made us less?
I may be a sceptic, I may be a fool, but all I want is a useful tool

To LinkedIn I turn and reignite my endeavours, blogging and posting and liking of others
As content is king and my network it grows, perhaps I will contact those in the know
I take solace and joy from one simple fact, that business is people, beware that which detracts
From this truism old and still valid today, if you’re wanting success then peeps are the way

I have made it my mission, as I strive for success, that the overall goal, and I'll accept nothing else
Is to find the folk happy to do business and win, and to do so with grace and a bit of a grin
We all want success, the money it brings, and working together provides those two things
The digital age may well have descended, irrevocable change or just humanity re-invented?

Time will tell, but one things for sure, it will all change again and again like before
As I wave across this digital land with my laptop and my mobile in hand
I recognise a simple truth, one really not that that hard to take, that business is best over coffee and cake.
And that, I feel, is never a chore and something that like minded folk should do more

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