15 Key Skills for Top Sales People

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15 Key Skills for Top Sales People

Sales people need a wide range of skills to become successful so to start the new year off here are my top 15 skills for Top Sales People.
1.       Prospecting

2.       Appointment Making

3.       Rapport Building

4.       Questioning

5.       Listening

6.       Confirming the Need

7.       Understanding Product/Service Benefits

8.       Building a Desire

9.       Presenting the Solution

10.    Objection Handling

11.   Packaging the Price

12.   Defending Price

13.   Negotiating

14.   Closing Closing Closing

15.   Follow up
Not all the above skills come naturally, some you will need coaching from your line Manager, you may need to hone your skills and attend relevant focused training courses or you may increase your skills using my helpful topical blogs and free seminar.

Mike Le Put - As author, publisher, trainer and motivational speaker, Mike Le Put has trained over 10,000 people and inspired sales professionals across the UK, USA and the Far East.

 If you have any questions, other skills that you feel should appear here then join in and comment below
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MLP Training Training Provider

As author, publisher, trainer and motivational speaker, I have trained over 10,000 people and inspired professionals across the UK, USA and the Far East. Working as a Training Consultant to many of…


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