The benefits of up skilling your staff

The benefits of up skilling your staff

When it comes to recruiting new members of staff, employers will invest valuable money and resources into getting them up to speed in their new role, but what happens after this initial training is over and the employee in question is settled into their job? This is where upskilling employees and continual training and development come in! The continual development and training of staff to improve and add to their existing skills is of the utmost importance; some might say it is just as important as the initial training of a new employee.

Here we are taking a look at some of the benefits of upskilling employees and why this is so important for the growth and development of the business, and the employees themselves.

Employees who are trained to perform a particular task will produce a much higher quality end result than an employee who had not received the same level of training. The upskill training and development of your staff needs to be a continuous, ongoing process where the employee is left feeling confident in their ability and role. With processes and technologies always changing and evolving, your employees need to do the same to ensure they are providing you with the best results possible.

A trained employee can perform their tasks in a much quicker, more productive manner than an employee who has not received the same level of training. This reduces the time needed to complete certain tasks, allowing for more time to complete other priorities, getting more done, increasing overall productivity and possibly generating, even more, revenue for the business! Upskill courses benefit companies as a whole, not just individuals.

Diversification of job roles

Training can be used to acquire new skills as well as perfecting existing abilities. Making one employee proficient in multiple roles increases their value to the company by allowing them to take on extra tasks should they be required to. This can increase revenue and boosts the employee’s self-esteem; increasing their sense of belonging and value in their role.

If an employee is not trained and not encouraged to progress and add to their skill set, this could have a negative impact on them both professionally and emotionally. A well-trained employee, however, will be a much happier and confident person both in their role and in themselves. Confidence can have a huge impact on productivity and it is important to make your staff feel valued and that you believe in their abilities.

By definition, being trained in a particular field or skill ensures that the individual is fully competent to perform the task in question without mistakes or errors. By continuously upskilling employees to be fully competent in their positions, this will reduce the time needed to rectify mistakes or errors and even stop these occurring in the first place.

Happy, well-trained employees make for a more profitable business where your staff are proud of the service or product they produce, which in turn produces more revenue for the business as a whole!

Baltic Training works in partnership with New Horizons, a leading training organisation in IT and online security. With training centres in Newcastle and London as well as their celebrated online training methods, New Horizons offers state of the art upskill training and development in the latest technologies including Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

For more information on the different training that New Horizons offers, and for the latest offers which can make your training budget go further, get in touch today via out website! 
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