Why Inner Confidence is so important in the workplace

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Why Inner Confidence is so important in the…

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Building confidence does not happen overnight! In fact, I think it's a constant work in progress. Now, it's true that once you master something it comes naturally. Let's say you lived in the same place, drove the same car, and did the same job for the rest of your life; chances are you'd become pretty confident in your day to day routine & practices.

But how does this work for the ambitious amongst us. The people striving for more, looking for change and craving adventure... You have goals and you want to achieve your best version of success. And why wouldn't you?
In order to get there, we need to accept the fact that we won't always be able to control confidence in task based situations. It's almost impossible to feel complete confidence in trying something new. If you've been focussing on building confidence in one specific area of your life, I commend you for it!
But when things change and something else new comes along (a new relationship, job, child!) it's likely you'll be back to panic stations.
There's a phrase that illustrates this and this phrase is 'New Level, New Devil'
We tend to put people who are "ahead of us" in life on a pedastal and assume they are totally confident and not at all phased by the things that plague us.
But every time you change something in life, new challenges present themselves. Life doesn't necessarily get easier.... we just get better.

If we can learn to appreciate ourselves and channel our inner confidence, it will be so much easier to adapt to the things life throws at us!
In the corporate world, having inner confidence is really important because it enables us to hone our communication skills. Being able to confidently self advocate is an area a lot of people struggle with, and this is evidenced a lot more for women.

But what we need to remember is that our perception is formed by the characteristics and values we choose to show outwardly. You could be the absolute best person in the world for a new job, but unless we have the courage to effectively articulate ourselves, we could be pipped to the post by somebody with half of our skills and talent!

I am truly passionate about working with women to unlock that potential and uncover the resistances you may be experiencing when it comes to shouting about your talents!

I offer both 1:1 coaching or group coaching programs for the corporate sector to enable as many women as I can to realise their potential and take control of their career path.

If you'd like more information I would love to hear from you, and I offer a Free Consultation to ensure we are the right fit to work together!
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I help to empower ambitious women to co-create their progression path by improving confidence and communication skills in the workplace. I work both 1:1 with clients, and offer Group Coaching…

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