Would you rather be dead?

Would you rather be dead?

Public Speaking.

How do those words make you feel?
Bringing you out in a cold sweat?
Heart beating 20 to the dozen?
Dry mouth?
Trembling with fear?

Or do they make you feel
Thrilled at the chance of having the limelight?
Bringing you out in goosebumps with the thrill of speaking?

For many, it's the former.  The number 1 fear in the UK and USA is public speaking.  I'm sure many of you already know this but did you know death doesn't feature in the top 10 fears.  We have the usual suspects like spiders, heights, water, but not death.  This means many people who have a fear of public speaking would rather be dead in the box than doing the eulogy!  

Is this you?  Are you petrified and want to improve your speaker skills, your confidence and deliver that memorable talk or presentation?
This might not be you but you may want to hone your skills, especially as we're doing much more online now (you can't hide behind that camera off button I'm afraid!!).

How about engaging with a communication coach who can take you from Raw to Refined, Terrified to Terrific?  If this is you, I'd be delighted to help, whether it's group coaching to help your employees improve their skills, or one to one coaching.
Drop me a line and let's chat. Even if I can't help, making contacts and building relationships with fellow business owners can lead to collaborations and if I can't help you, you may know someone whom I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you, connecting with you and chatting with you.

Stay awesome :)

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