Procrastination and Why we do it?

Palma Palmer, Palma Palmer Business Coach & Mentor
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Procrastination and Why we do it?

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Procrastination and Why we do it? By Palma Palmer 
Confidence Expert

Do you ask yourself and scream at yourself
"Why Why do I do it even though I know I'm doing it?"

I always ask myself Why? only by exploring the Why?  will I figure it out.
I was always told I needed to focus and be disciplined, probably true.
Was I lazy? No but I could not always tap into my Self Control, I knew I had the drive but I just was numb, and not able to do it, whatever that 'It" was.

Motivation comes from self control, focus, discipline.
I was not afraid of failing as I failed alot, but just kept on going.
Did I have a fear, of course I did plus huge Anxiety, which is my Alchemy to fuel my motivation.
But my learning difficulties were the biggest problem I just did not know it.
I just got over whelmed and went blank, could not do it, I was frozen stuck, with no emotion to complete the task.  
My belief and self esteem on the floor, I was stuck in that mindset of failure, I can't do it and actually sometimes I just could not, my frustration and anger would flare.
Feeling uninspired without support and love will never create motivation.
ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aspergers etc..... depression, sensation seeking these are all factors that hinder us.

Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions.
All of these factors stop us achieving our goals, at home, school, work and relationships.

It is not willpower, yes rewards give us incentives, but for some that does not work, as its so deep inside us, its painful.
Procrastinating makes us feel anxious, negative, fear of failure, because it feels so hard and hurtful.

Dealing with Procrastination 
1.  Small Goals
2.  Realistic Goals
3.  Be Present only deal with the Now
4.  Just Do It Attitude
5.  Dont Over Think
6.  Rest
7.  Eat Well
8.  Surround Yourself with Love & Support
9.  Learn Anxiety Techniques
10. Ask for Help 
11. Perfectionism and Expectations of Oneself cause Self Sabotaging 
12. Fear of Criticism - Who Cares 
13. Learn to Fail and Laugh at Yourself
14. Stop with the Bullshit Excuses
15. Find the Right Nutrition for any Learning Difficulties 
16. Understand Yourself with Truth
17.  Love all your Emotions
18.  Don't Give Up
19.  Plan
20.  Don't get distracted and Now is the Right Time!!!!!!

My perception there are many reasons why we procrastinate.
Understanding oneself is crucial, journaling when, how, what makes you Procrastinate is imperative.

If you would like help please contact me Palma Palmer

I have tools to help Stop Procrastination.
My help will give you courage with Love & Support to conquer any fear or anxiety.
Together we can Stop Procrastinating ????

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Palma Palmer Palma Palmer Business Coach & Mentor

I'm Palma Palmer.
So good they named me twice.

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