Career step number 1: know what you want.

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Career step number 1: know what you want.

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For those of you who follow my updates and posts you will know that I am a strong advocate of having a written integrated career and life plan. I believe it is paramount for the achievement of a satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling career and life.

Accordingly, at this difficult time, I thought I should share an e-mail from a former client.

Paraphrased he said, "You have to have a clear and touchable vision, your dream has to stand in front of you and then it is just a question of time. If every day you do something towards achieving it then finally it will be yours. Exactly this happened to me in my job search."

When many of us are currently working from home maybe a sensible idea would be to put some time aside to develop a robust career and life plan for the future, one that will support and protect your livelihood going forward.

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