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“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” ~ Rumi

Have you wondered what the fuss is all about? Numerous people want to know their life’s purpose. This is because we are hard wired to seek our purpose, continuously striving to achieve the elusive work life balance, seeking greater fulfillment, happiness and find a deeper meaning in life. Each of us may wonder at least once in our lifetime – why were we put here?

It is our innate desire to know the answer to this question. However, whether we realise this or not, what we seek is seeking us. As the common saying goes – “What You Seek is Seeking You”. This is by universal design.

There are many reasons why it is important to us to seek out our life’s purpose, some philosophical reasons, some spiritual reasons which are at times unexplainable whilst some are practical reasons that effect our day to day quality of life. I have summarised below 7 reasons for why knowing our life’s purpose is important, though there are many more reasons.

1. Unlocking Your True Potential

Knowing your life purpose will unlock within you your true potential, your soul gifts which some would call your natural talents. The process of knowing your life’s purpose involves identifying and unlocking your soul’s gifts which will lead you to living your highest and true potential.

Our natural talents are what we are born with. Our natural talents or soul gifts create a strong foundation for strengths to be developed upon. The strengths we may have which are not based on our natural talents were harder for us to develop and feel like hard work as we are not naturally good at it. We may have been moulded to develop such strengths. It is far easier to turn your natural talents into strengths by developing them further with practice and further learning than to develop strengths that are not aligned with your natural talents or soul gifts.

You may be using your soul gifts on a daily basis and be so good that you may not even know it when it is staring at you right in your face. You may have been criticised for your soul gifts in the past and hence do not view them as gifts or talents at all. Getting clear on your life’s purpose will inevitably bring your soul gifts to your conscious awareness hence you will be able to unlock your true potential by developing and applying them in your work.

2. Synchronicities

If you know and follow your life’s purpose you will open yourself up to possibilities and opportunities you never would think possible through synchronicities and coincidences.

As your soul steers you on the path of your life’s purpose you start to receive inner guidance that influences your choices so that you may end up in the right place for the right opportunity to present itself to you at the right time. Have you ever experienced such synchronicities or coincidences in your lifetime? Have you ever noticed how sometimes due to a set of events everything just falls into place?

So the more aligned your work is to your life purpose, the more success you will achieve with little effort on your part as synchronicities will work to get you what you need at the right time and place. Being on purpose and using your soul gifts will get you connected to life source so that you are “in the flow” and what you needs shows up in your physical reality with little or no effort on your part.

3. Your Passion For Life

For those of you who have veered well away from your life’s purpose may feel that you have lost your mojo, your passion for life, for your work and you just don’t know why. You may feel tired and fatigued for no reason. You may feel joyless.

As for me, during my own soul journey and search for my life purpose, I experienced pain so great that I felt I could not keep on living. I kept climbing the career ladder up and up thinking that my accomplishments and big salary would increase my self worth. Alas, this did not happen. Instead I felt a deep sense of dissatisfaction as my life lacked meaning and purpose.

The biggest lesson I have learned during my own journey was that choosing a path or career just because you think it is safe and that it will make you money to keep you secure will eventually be deadly to your soul.

When I found my life’s purpose and aligned my work to it I felt alive, my passion for life was ignited and it radiated from within me. I live on my own terms and wake up in the mornings feeling excited to do what I love for a living. This has transformed my life inside and out and work feels like play when I am fully aligned with my life’s purpose. Whilst life may not always be perfect and things at times may not go my way but I relish in the joy every day that I know myself and my life’s purpose, what I am put here to do and this makes it all worth it.

4. Money & Abundance

Doing the work you love that is aligned to your soul’s purpose will lead you to success and enable you to attract abundance with ease. You will be serving your ideal clients in the niche you were born to serve. You will be creating value using your gifts and talents and you will have a deeper sense of meaning in life. Whilst money can not buy you happiness, you will find that when you are on purpose, money will flow to you as a by-product of your success like a side effect of doing your life purpose work which will be deeply fulfilling and gratifying.

5. Making a REAL Contribution In the World

Finding your life’s purpose and aligning your work to it typically involves you contributing more to this world and make a real difference. You will finally be doing what really matters to you most and which gives you a sense of accomplishment. You are likely to leave a legacy behind that you will be proud of. This is what gives life meaning and makes life worth living.

6. Relationships

When you are disconnected with your life purpose you may have noticed that your relationships may be impacted. Your relationships may grow stale or even fall apart and your professional life may unravel as you feel the creative frustration of not living up to your fullest potential.

Those closest to you may have picked up on the lack of passion for your work, the dissatisfaction and dullness you may have felt. It is not possible to bring your whole self into relationships and be fully present particularly in intimate relationships if you are not truly fulfilled within yourself.

You have much better chances of attracting the right partner, if single, or be a present partner, if in a relationship, once you know your life’s purpose and are doing the work you feel passionate about. Hence one of the side effects of knowing and aligning your work with your life’s purpose is an overall improvement in ALL your relationships particularly the intimate ones as you will be bringing your authentic whole self into each relationship.

7. Your Health & Wellness

Another side effect of knowing your life purpose is that your health is likely to improve and you will feel energised and passionate when you find and start to fulfill your life’s purpose. This was for me the biggest benefit of all as I sprung right out of bed every day having spent 6 years of my life feeling fatigued, lacking in passion and direction in life.

I was completely oblivious to my soul mission and life’s purpose. I was stressed, burnt out and got myself an autoimmune eye condition. I now realise that this was a message from my soul that I was fighting and ignoring the calls of my soul to steer me towards my life purpose. I simply could not see it hence the eye condition denoting blindness, emotionally and spiritually, as I blatantly ignored my soul’s calling.

Living your life’s purpose gives you more control over your life and happiness, hence reducing the stresses on your body systems. Alleviating these stresses through knowing and living your life’s purpose will inevitably lead to better mental and physical health.

For a free gift outlining the 5 steps on how to be happy in work and find your life purpose and meaning, please sign up at https://intuitivelifedirection.com/

If you would like my help in doing in figuring out your life purpose, you could book a no obligation strategy session with me at: https://intuitivelifedirection.com/contact-naina/
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Naina Rama is a life direction consultant, business advisor, author and trainer and has practised for over 20 years in the banking & finance industry.

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