How to achieve success

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How to achieve success

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There are certain things a person has to do to achieve success. This tends to vary from person to person given the different characteristics of each individual.

To begin with, how is success defined? Each person has a different approach as to what they regard a success. For some success is about trying, whereas, for others, it is about winning.

Here are some tools that will help begin your success journey.

1. You have to set goals.

What do you want to achieve?

Is it your next job? Is it a new car? Is it a new TV? Is it where you want to be in 10 years?

The goals can be as small or as large as you please.

2. You have to have a plan.

How do you aim to achieve this goal?

a) This plan could be systematically organised over a substantial amount of time. You know exactly what you want to do at each step of the way.


b) You can have a spontaneous plan, you know what your end goal is but how you get there is about the different opportunities that arise along the way. You don't intend on getting that part time job doing night shifts to help raise funds, yet here you are doing that in order to achieve your goal. This style of planning is about the JOURNEY. You're intrigued by what life has to offer you in order to achieve your end result.

3. You have to go out and DO IT.

Actions will lead to success. Do not wait to start tomorrow.

4. Consistency. 

Doing the thing for one week and giving up will not accumulate to the result you want. You have to have the burning desire and commitment to keep applying yourself to your goal on a consistent basis.


Happy Monday. 
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