Talk less and say more.

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Talk less and say more.

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Vaffel in Norwegian, waffel in German, våffla in Swedish or waffle in English is a delightfully light teatime treat somewhere between a cake and a biscuit.

However, in English when we think about the verb instead of the noun it takes on a totally different connotation. To waffle is to speak or write, especially at great length, without saying anything important or useful.

It is the blathering wanderings, the disjointed and incoherent prattle, if you will, of someone who really can’t make up their mind about anything and finds it very difficult to express a conclusive or authoritative opinion.

I’m sure you will agree, if you were an interviewer listening to such a person, although extremely impolite, it would be quite easy to nod off!

That’s enough random ramblings about waffling your way through an interview - let’s cut to the chase - perhaps it’s time to learn to talk less and say more! #proteuscareermanagement #interviewskills 
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