Every interviewee should ask this question.

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Every interviewee should ask this question.

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It is certainly true that every failed interview brings you one step closer to success. But while we're talking about failed interviews lets look at a very common reason for failing an interview.

Scenario: the interview has ended and you've left the room, but then one of the interviewers says, "She didn't say anything about her ability to develop Excel applications. Could be a weak point! I think it would be safer to choose someone else."

In fact you didn't mention it because it's one of the skills you just take for granted.

Imagine how different the outcome could have been if at the end of the intervew you had asked, "On the basis of what we've gone through today do you have any reservations about my suitability for the role?"

In other words get the objections out in the open so that you can deal with them before you leave the room! #proteuscareermanagement #interviewskills #careercoaching
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