Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce 53 degrees magazine article


Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce 53 degrees…


Innovation Culture Consulting Ltd. event at IFB2016 was featured at the 53 degrees magazine May 2016 issue on page 22. 


The event is 'Creative Development of Business Ventures using LEGO Serious Play' on the 16th June2016 in Liverpool. 
What is unique about using LSP method for Business Development?
LSP provides you with highly insightful opportunity to visualize the future NOW. It utilizes the right side of your brain believed to be linked with imagination, creativity and emotions to produce innovative strategies for your business in what we know now as ‘hands knowledge’. You will integrate core, external and aspirational identity of the businesses to help you overcome expected challenges with your potential partner enabling you to maximize success. LSP has a proven track record of helping businesses in achieving their strategies and growth plans.
You built it and played possible scenarios; it’s time to make it a reality and get those deals done.

This event is designed to support participants who want to work together on a business venture by using the following means:
Three dimensional metaphoric representation of the business venture based on highly insightful thinking and subconscious input (hands knowledge).
A challenging experience to individually build the business venture and then integrate those individual models into a shared one for three identities of the business venture; core identity (How does it look like now), external identity (How do you think others view the business venture, and aspirational identity (How does it look like in the future).
Minimize potential risks and costs associated with business venture failures by playing various scenarios of the future and their possible challenges.
Support provisional intra/inter cultural understanding and mutual appreciation of values which helps in avoiding possible cultural conflicts.

visit our website for more details 

Your only certified LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) Facilitator in the North West for Business development.

Trainer, Coach and Consultant for personal, team and organization development.

Comments (1)

  • 3 years ago

    Looks interesting, there can be a lot of value in this type of activity. I like the business focus of it.

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