How LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® changed my life

How LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® changed my life

How LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) changed my life


Using LSP was an experience to find myself and to know what I want to do in the future. I am a dentist and hold MBA. I have been working in the management and marketing field for the past 8 years in addition to working as a part-time dentist. I reached a point where I was looked at as a person not knowing what I am doing in my profession. My extended family and friends used to ask me whether I am a dentist or a management trainer. This struck me so much to the extent that I was unable to say yes to either. I asked myself what it is that I want to do for my career. I was neither happy nor satisfied with my current job. Nothing seemed to fulfil what I want, the problem was I did not know what is it that I want.

I met with Dr Abeer who opened a wide range of possibilities for the way I think about my future. She offered to do a coaching session for me and I think that was one of the most successful 7 hours I ever spent in my life and the best value for money I have ever received.

I came to the session with heavy shoulders, my mind was full of opportunities and options of what to do. I came not knowing what to expect apart from the dear need of coming up with a clear direction to my life and profession. She asked me to build various models of happy moments of life, best achievement in my professional life, challenges I have overcome. Then I realised that all of these models were just the beginning to get my hands connected to my brain. We used starter kit for this part of the session. I was then requested to use a larger set called identity and landscape kit to build my core identity which means my values, who am I, what I like and what I dislike. I was amazed to feel that I have so many good stuff in myself. I felt proud of myself.

I was then asked to build my external identity, which means my view of how others think of me. Others could be my family, my colleagues, my patients or anyone I deal with. I built a model with clear division between my two professions I currently have.

The real moment was when Dr Abeer asked me to build my aspirational identity, I built my dream home, my charitable work and most importantly my future company. I realised that what I want was actually to establish my own businesses in management training dedicated to the medical sector and not to work for anyone else any more. I realised that I do not want to act as a dentist in the future and do not want to work as a dentist any more. I also realised that my thoughts about pursuing a PhD were not even present in my model so I got rid of the continuous thoughts about that route.  My future company was built in huge size compared to anything else. I also managed to carry my current position at work and acted as if I was speaking to my GM saying that I do not wish to carry on with him or with his company, then I dismantled my current job model into pieces back into the main Lego box. I decided at that moment that yes I want to leave my current job.

I added a leader at the side of my future company standing on a ladder. When I told the story of what I built I said that this was plan B to search for a job in case my future company failed. I initially didn’t know why I added that ladder when I built the company. I only realised what it was when I was asked to describe the model. I want to leave this option open too.

I want to say that this tool is very deep in connecting with your subconscious, can you imagine that when I was twice asked to build my family, I did not include my new born baby who is only 10 days old. Both times I did not include him, I feel so sad that I only included my other kids and not the new one. I realised afterwards that I have not yet issued his birth certificate, I never changed his nappy, he was premature and I was very busy with lots of things inside and outside the country. It struck me that his arrival has not yet been recorded inside me. This made me realise how powerful LSP is and how deep it is into looking inside you and shaping what is stored in your subconscious in the form of Lego models visually viewed with your own bare eyes.

I am now confident about the future and will work very hard to achieve my dreams and be as successful as I could ever be. I greatly thank Dr Abeer for her time and great approach to coaching. Her incredible ability to listen to my stories and explanations about my life and profession guided me through to choose what I want to do. She was able to put me back on track.

Thank you for allowing the opportunity to use LSP fantastic tool and hope other people can benefit too and have their amazing results too.

Dr Aref Abed



 Update:  2 February 2016: Dr Aref Abed has already established his own company and running it to the maximum of his capacity, he already employed staff and designed his trianing offering and is marketing his services. Congratualtions Dr Aref and wish you all the best in your professional life. 


Your only certified LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) Facilitator in the North West for Business development.

Trainer, Coach and Consultant for personal, team and organization development.

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