How to Pay for Parking in Dubai

john Carter, Al Emad Logistics Consultant

How to Pay for Parking in Dubai

Finding a parking site in Dubai is not a sophisticated issue, however, it’s also not that easy. Finding a place to park on the street, especially in old Dubai areas, is a matter of luck. On the other hand, there are numerous parking sites in Dubai and you shouldn’t have a difficulty in finding one near you, no matter wherever you’re standing. Dubai has the most modern public parking system in the world. These systems charge you on an hourly basis. There are many ways you can how to pay for parking in Dubai. If you’re curious about how to pay for parking in Dubai, we’ve covered each way you can pay parking charges in this article.

Ways to Pay Parking Charges in Dubai

The first thing you should do to pay for parking in Dubai is to locate the orange parking sign that represents the parking zone. You can pay in dirham coins as well as use the other four ways to pay parking charges.


Coins are the traditional way to pay for parking in Dubai. All you have to do is locate machines deployed in parking lots and insert dirhams into them. These machines accept one dirham and 50 fils coins for payment. Insert dirhams according to your parking time, collect the ticket from the machine, and place it on your car’s dashboard.

This method is a bit old-fashioned and people don’t like to carry coins in their pockets.

NOL Card

The NOL card is a smart solution for most transportation-related transactions in Dubai. This card allows you to pay for several RTA transportation systems. You can pay your travel charges through the NOL card whether you ride a bus, water bus, tram, or metro in Dubai. This is a top-class hassle-free solution you can use to pay for parking charges in Dubai.

RTA Dubai has deployed specified machines in parking lots in Dubai. These machines allow you to use your NOL card to pay parking charges. Parking charges are deducted from your NOL card and you get a ticket.

Prepaid Cards

RTA Dubai has issued prepaid cards to save you from carrying coins around. You can purchase a prepaid parking card, insert it into the machine, and the amount for the duration of single parking will be deducted from your balance. These cards are available in AED 30, AED 50, and AED 100. You can buy prepaid cards for a month, a quarter, or a year for a specific parking zone. 

You can buy these cards from petrol stations, RTA offices, grocery stores, and supermarkets. It’s better to buy prepaid cards that cover your parking charges for a specified duration in a specific zone.


RTA Dubai has launched an SMS solution to pay for parking charges in Dubai. It’s called mParking Dubai. People with a Du or Etisalat SIM can avail of this service. You’re issued a virtual ticket for your parking time in a parking lot.

You can send an SMS to 7275 according to the following format: Plate numberzone numberduration

 RTA Smart Application

The RTA Dubai app is a fantastic solution to pay for parking in Dubai. This app is a hassle-free solution that offers much more facilities than just paying for parking in Dubai.

I have tried to describe everything in detail you might need about paying parking charges in Dubai. I hope this article has answered your question “how to pay for parking in Dubai.

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john Carter Al Emad Logistics Consultant
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