Essential Oil - Fire Safety Warning

Essential Oil - Fire Safety Warning

Most people won’t think twice about using essential oils as part of their daily routine & their only possible concern maybe having to wash towels and linen that have absorbed some of the oil – not a problem or so you may think! However, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service have just issued a safety warning following a sharp increase in fires breaking out in tumble dryers, linen baskets and airing cupboards where towels that have had oil residue on them has self ignited. The problem seems to arise when the towels and linen are washed at a low temperature which doesn’t allow the detergent to break down the oil residue. When the material is heated in the tumble dryer or airing cupboard, the oil residue can self-combust, leading to rapid fire spread. It is recommended that towels and linen should be washed at 40°C or above to eliminate the problem.

FARMSS provides a comprehensive range of 'cost effective' fire safety solutions to fully meet all your fire safety requirement. We will meet your Legislative requirements providing enhanced…


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