Hiring a Private Investigator – Top 5 Reasons

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Hiring a Private Investigator – Top 5…

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Reasons for Hiring a Private Investigator

There really are many different reasons as to why a private individual, a company or a local government may be hiring a Private Investigator. Unfortunately, the world is full of dishonest people but hiring a Private Investigator can be a smart move, they are often able to gather crucial evidence which otherwise would have been missed by other agencies including the police, as they simply do not have the time and resources to investigate.

Hiring a Private Investigator should not be a daunting experience. Investigators at INSIGNIS Investigations are experienced in dealing with distressing or frustrating cases. If you, your company or you know of someone else who could benefit from hiring a private investigator, please contact INSIGNIS Investigations, we are here to hear your case, we make no judgment we only look for the truth.

Theft of Fuel or Other Company Asset

Fuel thieves are almost certainly guaranteed to get away with your asset without detection. Very often, CCTV is poor, there are no witnesses and police are unwilling or unable to commit to any investigation. Fuel theft is an increasing concern for business owners, not only because of the obvious loss of an asset and the financial impact it will have on the business but the concern that it could be one of their own employees who can no longer be trusted.

Of course, fuel or other assets can be stolen by anybody, but research shows that theft by an employee is on the increase. It is this not knowing who has committed the crime which causes many business owners a headache. You might also not understand how the theft has occurred.

The first thing a business owner should do is take action against those unexplained losses! Hire a professional investigator, such as INSIGNIS Investigations, who can follow a financial trail, inappropriate payments, and other misrepresentations.  Whatsmore, hire a Private Investigator who can also conduct covert surveillance and capture the perpetrator in the act on video, for you to use as evidence in any subsequent disciplinary hearing. Hiring a Private Investigator could be the smartest and most effective way or returning control back to a business owner.

Fraudulent Claim

We have all seen them in the news or on TV, benefit cheats, fake insurance claims, fake injury claims, and there can often be little more frustrating than witnessing such dishonesty. A claim which is suspected as being fundamentally dishonest should not go unchallenged. Trustworthy Private Investigators are often employed by solicitors and insurance companies to investigate such cases. A Private Investigator will work to uncover crucial evidence of wrongdoing or dishonesty and often stand themselves as witnesses if required. A claim will only be rejected once hard evidence can be presented.

Matrimonial Investigations (Cheating Partners)

A matrimonial investigation is perhaps the type of investigation which the general public will imagine when discussing hiring a Private Investigator. But the stereotypical images which we may have seen on TV or have in our head from a novel is far from reality. Private Investigators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and often have different skill sets, but what you must be sure of when hiring a Private Investigator in such sensitive issues, is they have an enquiring mind, a keen eye-for-detail, excellent people skills, the correct training, and relevant experience.

An infidelity investigation will often mean hiring a Private Investigator to discover whether or not their partners are cheating on them. I have heard many people pass comment, “I could be a PI, I am so nosey”, the comments I know are often made without any serious intent, however, matrimonial issues are serious, distressing and can have an impact lasting many years. It is therefore imperative that the Private Investigator which you hire has the suitable knowledge and capability of how to covertly follow and record events as they unfold, and present them to you in a confidential, compassionate and professional manner. Clever, thoughtful and discreet investigators will be able to accumulate any crucial evidence with photographs and videos.

Child Custody Battle

Submitting compelling, admissible facts to the court is crucial in child custody cases. Hiring a Private investigator to gather evidence a parent would experience difficulties collecting on his or her own can often be the difference between losing and winning a case, and therefore custody of a child. The stakes are high, there is a lot to win and lose, and the fight can be long and complicated. In most cases, it is about gathering evidence as to why one parent is unfit to take custody of a child. If you want a judge to believe what you say, you need to be able to prove your allegations in court.

Perhaps drugs and alcohol are commonplace, perhaps crime is a factor or the individual is persistently breaching conditions set by the court. Maybe the person is considered to be dangerous and abusive, or you simply disagree with his/her parenting style. A knowledgeable investigator will be able to consult and advise you on how best to gather the crucial evidence which you require. An honest investigator will understand the implications of conducting these investigations legally and obtaining admissible evidence, a competent and skilled investigator will gather the evidence, record the findings and present it in a court-ready presentation.

Missing Person

In a world which appears to be getting smaller, sadly, many people these days lose touch with loved ones as we move or travel farther away. Sometimes, children run away from home, when this unfortunate event occurs, hiring a private investigator to gather clues could help recover the missing child. Private eyes can also help adopted kids find their birth mothers. Some people, however simply do not want to be found because they are hiding from debt or other obligation which they do not want to take responsibility for.

Private Investigators, at INSIGNIS Investigations, have an abundance of tools at their disposal, tools which are not readily available to the general public and skills which mean that the right questions are asked or systems interrogated for an answer. Desktop tracing is today becoming more and more useful, social media and our digital footprints are something we would all find hard to leave behind. Obtaining names, addresses, associates, telephone numbers, email addresses and more could all, in theory, be done from behind a desktop. For some, a desktop trace is all they need, but for others, confirmation of information is required.  A Private Investigator is required to put his/her feet on the ground and do what he/she does best, look closer, gather crucial evidence and get the right answers.

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