????The importance of being fully compliant in the property industry????

TRM Property Solutions Investment Property Agent

????The importance of being fully compliant in…

I thought I'd touch on the importance of being fully compliant within the property industry especially when sourcing deals for clients.

Now lets face it the property industry is a bit of a confusing sector when it comes to regulation, but one thing I do know is when it comes to sourcing we come under similar legislation as an estate agent.

I have invested in the relevant licences required to sell/buy land and properties on behalf of vendors and investors. This involves being a member of the Property Redress Scheme, Professional and Public Liability insurance, Data Protection as well as HMRC Anti-Money Laundering.

Whilst I admit it wasn't cheap to acquire these. I now know that this enables me to show myself as a serious and legally compliant property consultant, which can only put me in good stead when performing my business activities.

I am aware that some don't fully comply and take the risks but this something I would never advocate, its far too risky and if found doing property transactions without the neccessary licences one could be heavily fined or face imprisoment. I strongly recommend researching further about this.

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TRM Property Solutions Investment Property Agent

I'm Shaun the director/owner of the company. I am very passionate about property, this has been the case from a very young age as my family come from a property background.

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