Rafiki would say: A Wise Choice For Your Business

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Rafiki would say: A Wise Choice For Your Business

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Running a business can be stressful at any time. A disagreement or dispute simply adds to the stress.  Conflict at work not only damages relationships, it diminishes productivity, discourages cooperation and distorts communication. 

You cannot eliminate conflict at work, the ability to disagree and challenge are vital communication skills, the challenge is how you deal with them when they get messy and tough.

Dealing with disputes at an early stage can stop the situation escalating into a major issue and save you time, money, and reduce not only your own stress as business owner, but that of the parties involved in the dispute.  It also restores goodwill.

Providing the parties with an opportunity of having a private and confidential conversation with an independent and impartial mediator, can be a quick and cost effective solution to the problem and most importantly it allows your business to move on. 

 Reducing the parties stress may not seem to be the most important aspect of the issue for you, but parties involved in disputes often are absent from work as a result of stress and then the burden of continuing their work is having to be dealt with by their colleagues, thus perpetuating the cycle of stress.

Mediation is voluntary and both sides have to agree to mediate. Rather than you getting involved in these sensitive preliminary conversations, why not let us invite the parties to consider mediation. We can explain the benefits of resolving matters away from the business, HR, the courts and tribunals.  

 Research has shown that individuals prefer to have the opportunity of having a private conversation with an independent mediator, before any investigations or policies are invoked. Many believe the matters would have been resolved at that stage if they had been given that opportunity.

Part of our involvement is to empower the participants with skills they can use in both their personal and business life. This keeps the dispute out of the business arena and has a greater chance of success as fewer people are involved.  In addition, helping individuals overcome problems and take ownership of the outcome helps them resolve their differences in an acceptable and manageable way to their mutual satisfaction. There are no winners or losers. Such an outcome results in a better working environment where harmony and trust can then flourish.

Mediation can take place at any time. Even if an investigation has started or a policy has been implemented it is not too late to consider mediation.

The mediator holds discussions with the individual parties in private and/or jointly to suit their individual needs and the nature of the dispute.

The cost of resolving disputes can often outweigh the benefits.

Mobile Peacemaker

Another benefit to small businesses is that this process can be undertaken over the telephone.

As a small business owner you have the flexibility (and envy of larger policy driven businesses) to consider options designed to fit the profile and needs of your small business. Enabling your employees to engage in time-limited telephone mediation, offers a quick alternative to face to face mediation. The participants value the opportunity of being able to engage in the process from their own office or home, without the stress of having to face a colleague with whom they are in dispute.  

The Mobile Peacemaker offers you a bespoke service at a cost that is affordable.

  • Mediation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Wellbeing
  • Business Coaching

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