MUST READ. The absolute solution for regular content

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MUST READ. The absolute solution for regular…

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Having a one-off video done great but regular content is what the social media platforms want from their users right now.

The Algorithms on most social media platforms work in a way where they will recognise 3 major points about your content
1. Quality 
2. Consistency 
3. Engagement 
You can have a great video don't but it will eventually fall amongst the rubble if it's not consistent. 
How can we fix that? 
We have a package called the  '1K Monthly Content Plan.' Trust me you want to listen to this. 

Its a perfect package for businesses who require regular content to keep their audiences engaged which means more sales!! 
We will shoot once a month and deliver 16 short videos for your social media platforms. ALSO, we will manage your social media for you but not only manage but OPTIMISE! This means we don't only save you time on uploading content to your platforms (up to 4 different platforms) but we ensure that the content meets the correct demographics for better results. 
This costs £1000 p/m on a yearly contract and it's due to the contract where we can give such a cheap price. Let me break it down to you how much it would normally cost. 

Our standard day rate is £350 per day for any work. 
1. Filming - £350 
2. Editing of 16 short videos - 4 days edit - £1400 
3. Social media management - £450 
total £2200

So you're saving £1200 per month £14,400 per year! I know! 

contact Me and lets speak more. book yourself a consultation here  https://calendly.com/saf-3/30min 


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