Web Hosting, Resolve Pagespeed Insights & Be Mobilefriendly before you attack your SEO

Web Hosting, Resolve Pagespeed Insights & Be…

To have any chance of ranking well on search engines today, the first port of call is not your applied search engine optimisation. It is not your Pagespeed insights or even your mobilefriendly, it is where your web hosting company is based in comparison to where your business is located and what their uptime is, if it’s better than 99.999% then you are fine, if not, it’s time to move away.

If you do nothing, one day your serps ranking will slip away and nobody will know why.

Now that’s been explained and the seed is sown, the next area to concentrate on is your Pagespeed-Insights loading speed test by Google and not any other loading speed tester such as GTMetrix or Pingdom as only Google has a search engine, the other two does not.

Finally, #mobilefirst or #mobilefriendly, by testing your site on Google’s site will deliver ✅ or ❌ to your structured platform layout.

If and when you test your site and it shows up “Page is mobile friendly” STOP❗️Seriously, and look around the site. Their may be some hidden extra information and if you don’t see it, it could affect your positioning on mobile search engines. There must be millions online who believe they are when they are not but who did not see this section.

If you are lucky to pass pagespeed-Insights by hitting high in the green zone and by being mobilefirst ready can you work on your SEO skills.

Hope it helps!
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