Why do Companies fail to generate leads via Content Marketing?

Why do Companies fail to generate leads via…

With time, content marketing has grabbed the attention of numerous lead generation companies UK to fill the sales funnel with qualified leads within a short period of time. According to emerging industry reports, 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead conversion. In addition to this, 76% of B2C marketers consider content marketing as a lead generating tool.

Here are some major benefits that would help to understand the significance of content marketing:

·         Helps to reach to maximum prospects.

·         Bolsters the business’s brand image.

·         Plays a vital role in strengthening the customer base.

·         Increases the movement of leads in the sales funnel.

However, content marketing demands undivided attention and a lot of hard work in the exchange of good results. Because of this, most of the companies decide to avail lead generation services from BPO firms.

But business owners that try to generate leads on their own via content marketing often struggle. The main reason behind their struggle is some silly blunders that shouldn’t be made from the business’s point of view.

Take a gander at the following 3 reasons that will explain why companies fail to generate leads via content marketing:

1.    Unpersuasive content
Generally, companies fail to generate leads through content marketing because of the unpersuasive write-ups. This fact cannot be ignored because the quality of write-ups plays a prime role when it comes to content marketing.

To generate leads, it is significant to create high-quality content and post it on the company’s website. For better results, shortcut buttons should be added that allows website visitors to share content with their loved ones such as relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.

It is imperative to note that created write-ups should be perfect from the title to the conclusion because if readers lose their interest while reading, they are less likely to share content with others. Consequently, this will reduce the odds of getting new leads.

2.    Poor content promotion
Oftentimes, business owners scratch their heads when they don’t get the desired number of leads in the sales to funnel after creating a high-quality content. Actually, poor content promotion is the main reason behind why companies fail to generate leads after creating enticing write-ups.

Usually, companies post business-related articles, blogs, etc. on their website, which is really a good practice. To lay hands on the pile of leads, however, it is extremely important to increase the reach of the content.

Here are the two most effective ways to increase the reach of content:

a)      Social media marketing: It can really do wonders for business because there are many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where the targeted audience can be found easily.


To generate leads, all you need to do is share your created content with relevant hashtags. For quick leads, you can go for ‘Paid Ads’ option of social media platforms.


b)      Guest blogging: There are many business-related websites on the internet that allow the free posting of content. To get your content posted on such sites, you have to follow the rules and regulations of the host website.

3.    Not doing something different   
When companies ensure that everything (from content creation to promotion) is done perfectly, it is very easy for them to establish the bond of trust with readers. But the difficult task that business owners usually deal with is ‘Keeping the readers engaged.’

After being connected for a long period of time, prospects (readers) expect the company to come up with something different. At that point in time, sharing a similar type of content seems like a bad move. Therefore, it is significant to meet the readers’ expectations.

Here are some useful tips that would help to get hands-on qualified leads:

·         Ensure that created content contains a fresh message.

·         Make sure that created write-ups clearly reflect the brand signals.

·         Educate potential customers (readers) about the latest updates of the market.

Apart from all of this, business owners can simply take the help of lead generation companies uk in order to skip the unnecessary hassle.


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