Making the most of digital brochures

Making the most of digital brochures

It was interesting to see a recent article by Dunstan Carter about the rise of interactive brochures, or e-brochures, in the world of marketing.

It coincides with something we've been promoting for the last few months, trying to give some added value to our clients who order a printed brochure. In essence, we try to give them the best of both worlds.

So once the brochure is complete, in addition to receiving their nice shiny (or matt, if they're that way inclined) paper copy in their hands, we also provide a page-flipping digital version of the brochure free of charge.

Clients receive a link to their online digital version and they can then send that link out to their potential clients by email, or via their website, which will then divert those people directly to the publication. 

Some of our clients are making good use of their digital version.
The Briardene Hotel in Cleveleys, for instance, asked us to design a 12-page publicity brochure, which we duly did. But since their digital brochure went live, it has had more than 700 views in just a few weeks.
Local photographer Jason Beard has had even more impressive results. His 12-page brochure has had more than 1,000 views online in less than a month. 
In my opinion there will always be a place for printed paper products but backed up by the online version, it allows you to get your message out to so many more clients. For instance, you can use the printed version to market yourself at local events but use the digital brochure to replace those you may have previously mailed out to potential clients. Think of the postage savings!
Of course, if you think you can hit your market purely with a digital brochure then there are also significant savings to be made on printing.

In the meantime, take a look at some our online brochures. Go to http://issuu.com/monodesignsolutions

I'm a journalist and graphic designer with more than 30 years experience (has it really been that long?) in the design and media industry.

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