Archiving Advice

Archiving Advice

Archiving Advice in 53 Degrees

Box-it North West has been featured in the October issue of 53 Degrees, the official magazine of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  Our Managing Director Peter Willis has contributed an article on Offsite Archiving, giving some useful guidance to those who are either new to offsite document storage, or considering transferring to an alternative provider.

In the article, Peter advises any business contemplating outsourced document storage to also consider their long-term needs and future digitisation requirements.  “We work in a world of paper and digital media, which makes managing documentation and compliance all the more challenging for organisations of all sizes.  That is why choosing a supply partner that can offer both physical and digital document management solutions has many advantages.” 

Peter goes on to say, that “companies such as Box-it North West that offer integrated physical and digital solutions (also known as hybrid document management) can be a great asset to businesses, who do not necessarily want to back scan (digitize) substantial volumes of paper archives.”

The article covers the benefits of cataloguing and indexing, a useful service offered by Box-it, and of course, security, which spans not only the storage facility itself, but also transportation (collections and deliveries of files and boxes) and the employees who operate within the business. 

For the full story visit: www.boxit-northwest.co.uk

Managing the storage of important records and documents whether paper or digital takes up valuable time resources and space.


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