Smooth Office Movers. Your call package, line installation, maintenance and data connections all boxed up...

Smooth Office Movers. Your call package, line…

If you own a popular and well respected business, there is always a time when you need new premises. Business transfer agents Hilton Smythe got to that point. They operate a business that takes pride in the delivery of service to clients - constantly achieving above and beyond clients expectations – so the phone systems are vital. They chose Comms Consult to help them as they moved from serviced offices to their own premises.

A complex business setup like that at Hilton Smythe is no obstacle to a successful phone system move. Detailed project planning is the key to ensure that there is no business interruption. Comms Consult understands the value of your customer communications. They provide the customer service continuity that you need.

All that was necessary from the management team at Hilton Smythe was a basic remit and the opportunity to conduct some site visits. Seeing the business in action allows Comms Consult to fully understand the business requirements. They draw up a detailed configuration plan for your telephone and communication systems, working out where you will need power and CAT5 outlets etc. They provide detailed proposals, quotes and references before you commit yourself.

Whether you want to keep your current telephone system or consider an upgrade to a newer version, Comms Consult can help. They will evaluate your on-going maintenance costs as well as your installation expense. They will look for the most competitive call package to save you money. They will transfer or install new lines so that you can keep all existing numbers. They will look at providing a robust and rapid broadband service for data connection.

As a manager, you want to minimise the stress of moving your business phone systems. This is what Craig Graham, Operations Director at Hilton Smythe has to say:

“We are totally satisfied with Comms Consult. The service they have provided has been innovative in terms of streamlining our telecoms, whilst remaining totally honest and upfront about the best options for us. The installation and programming of the phones and telephone system was done on time with no problems whatsoever. Moreover, when a minor problem did surface Comms Consult pulled out all the stops to get the problem sorted quickly and efficiently.

Having had experience of other telecoms companies, I can say with certainty that Comms Consult are a cut above the rest and I would be more than happy to recommend them.”



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When you have reliable low cost telecoms and full maintenance at great prices, you will be proud of the way that you handle your customer calls. Documented results from Geoff's customers - at Comms…

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