R&D Spotlight – Digital Design Agency

Creative Heat Limited Tax Credit Adviser

R&D Spotlight – Digital Design Agency

Case Study Snippets:

Global reach company which pioneers image production and content delivery.

·         Software Tools to automate rendering and editing.

·         Development of core software management system for 3rd party’s software and studio custom configurator pipeline.

·         Use of CGI to visualise a concept or product’s functionality.

 R&D Claim Value:

Year 5 - £130,200 tax saved

Year 6 - £132,200 tax saved/cash

Year 7 - £112,900 tax saved

 You can read more about R&D Tax Credits for Software Development at: https://www.rndtaxhelp.co.uk/rd-tax-credits-for-software-development/
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Creative Heat Limited Tax Credit Adviser

Imagine being able to take the power of the sun or the wind and to convert it into heat energy through a process where NO carbon emissions are produced.

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