R&D Tax Relief – Can I Claim?

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R&D Tax Relief – Can I Claim?

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Interested in finding out if your business qualifies for R&D Tax Relief? Then look back over the past two years and ask yourself the following questions:

Has your company designed/created any new products or enhanced any existing products?Has your company undertaken any environmental improvements to its manufacturing processes?Does your business operate with a custom-made IT system?Is your business regularly involved in problem-solving customers’ needs?For service organisations, have any projects been undertaken to improve those services in order to reduce costs, win more business or improve service levels?A positive response to any of the above could mean that you are entitled to some money back from the Government.

Like this company that specialises in Recycling IT Equipment who, over the past three years, have received £57,000 in cash!

For more information and further cases studies please visit: https://www.randdtax.co.uk/what-we-do/case-studies
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