Government Fit for Work scheme ending March 2018

Government Fit for Work scheme ending March 2018

Government Fit for Work scheme ending in March 2018

The government recently announced that the ‘Fit for Work’ assessment scheme in England and Wales will be ending on 31 March 2018.  This is part of the government’s response to its Work, health and disability green paper consultation.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/work-health-and-disability-improving-lives

The government announced a number of other significant changes in response to the consultation including changes to fit notes, sick pay and, potentially, to occupational health itself as part of a 10-year strategy “Improving Lives: the future of work, health and disability”
Whilst the new changes in the strategy sound positive what happens in the meantime?

Even the smallest businesses will experience health and wellbeing issues amongst their staff at some time.

The removal of the Fit for Work service may leave you wondering how you are going to manage health issues in your workplace.

Don't panic – Talk to me about how to deal with any health and wellbeing issues as they happen, I can work with you on making sure you have policies and practices in place to help with preventing and managing health issues in the workplace.  I also work with occupational health service providers who can provide clinical advice and support as needed.

Give me a call on 07854917634 to discuss how I can help you support your staff and manage any health and wellbeing issues you have.
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  • Health and wellbeing
  • SMEs
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I am Rachel Urquhart, director of RUHR. My passion is working with companies that recognise the value in their people, and appreciate that they are the key to their ongoing success.



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