Staying Calm When A Colleague Is Getting on Your Nerves

Isosure Limited Health & Safety Consultant

Staying Calm When A Colleague Is Getting on Your…

Most leaders have a few behaviours they’re particularly sensitive to or things that make them especially impatient. For instance, being interrupted by a self-opinionated colleague can be really irksome.

In order to remain calm in these situations it’s best to acknowledge your emotions and reflect on why you’re reacting the way you are. For example, you might get angry about being interrupted because it was a major problem in a previous role or in a personal relationship.

It’s important to not let those negative associations control you. Recognize what’s triggering your anger or irritation, and make a conscious decision to redirect your emotions. Then mentally remove yourself from the situation. The other person’s behaviour feels personally directed at you, which is why it has the power to upset you. But maybe it has nothing to do with you?

Imagine if you were watching the situation happen to someone else. How would they respond?

Managing self and distruptive colleagues are topics in our range  of  leadership development and HR elearning programmes  Customisations are available to suit your organisation’s operational demands and employees’ individual training needs and from only a few pounds per course per person they are cost-effective and easily accessed. There are no monthly fees. Just choose the courses you want, when you want them : elearning for leaders
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Isosure Limited Health & Safety Consultant

I formed Isosure in 2003 to provide consultancy and training in Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems. I am also a Certified Management Consultant, a qualified coach/mentor…


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