Looking Back Then Vs Now

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Looking Back Then Vs Now

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Mental health - 18 mth ago - severe anxiety, panic attacks, severe low moods, depression lack of motivation
NOW - Strong mental state, calm, happy, cheerful, focused, fire up my butt all day long. Full of love, gratitude, understanding and "go for it" attitude. Feel invincible.
Physical health - 18 mths ago - constant cravings, low energy, forced myself to exercise, terrible sleep, addicted to caffeine, aching joints, had to watch my weight
NOW - Craving NOTHING, only think about food at meal times, sleep like a baby most days, feel limber and no aches and pains anywhere, flexibility back to same as when I was 18, love exercise again, can take or leave a cup of tea, don't have to worry about how much I eat and stay lean. Happy to show off my tummy.
All due to the discoveries I made in my research to discover how to permanently solve the problem of falling metabolism year on year after 30.
Would you like to know how I did this?
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Hi I'm Sinead and I'm a Transformational Health Coach.

How is this different to using a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Weight Loss Consultant?


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